Any impairments to the rotational kinetic chain stemming from problems with fascia are treated with press needles alone as part of the whole acupuncture – with – motion therapy which we call ACU-KINESIS

Dynamic ROTO Therapy

After first diagnosing discrepancies in the interlinked chain of rotational motion (ICRM) we use acupuncture with movement and specially designed exercises to help with a wide array of physical ailments. We call this Dynamic ROTO Therapy.

Skin science and acupuncture

Conventional Japanese acupuncture primarily targets the body`s outermost layer of skin for shallow needling, touch stimulation and heat stimulation etc. The efficacy of such methods is corroborated by both anatomical and physiological fact…

Greeting from the director

How Acupuncture and Rotation Are Well Suited.

I believe that by improving mobility we can go a long way in trying to cure disease. Movement is a primal instinct for all animals and an impairment in our ability to move can become a precursor to other disease and / or sickness while, on the other hand, being able to move unhindered in any way can be seen as proof of one`s optimum health.

Features of Dynamic ROTO Therapy

The Vertical functional line

If the body`s kinetic chain system is impaired along any one of these three functional lines……

The Lateral functional line

we inspect the kinetic chain for the arms to make one pair and the legs as……

The Diagonal functional line

the upper limb on one side and the lower limb on the opposite side is the kinetic chain where……


What's new?

The Dynamic ROTO Therapy Laboratory is continually striving to further the possibilities of treatment methods that are scientifically based, effective and repeatable. We are working together with university and research institutions to get scientific verification for our work.

The workshop for executives2018 was held!

From September 15th to 17th, . Eight officers gathered from all over Japan and learned basic technique check and new inspection method. Also, we also experienced the Star Excursion Balance Test for the therapeutic effect.

Experiments With The Co-operation of Professor Ken Nosaka

These experiments were titled [The Effects of Skin Stimulation On Posture, Range of Motion And Exercise Performance].

In Conversation with Physiotherapist Mr. Ryan Browning at A.P.S. PHYSIO Physiotherapy Clinic

Ryan uses dry needling on a day-today basis in his practice. It was his first time to experience ROTO and he was impressed by it`s effects.

In Conversation with Professor Janet Taylor / ECU

Here I was lucky enough to meet with the world renowned human neuro physicist Professor Janet Taylor.

In Conversation with Assistant professor Takayuki Inami / Keio University Institute of Physical Education

Mr. Inami is researching muscular injuries and their resulting restrictions on the movement of muscle fibers at Keio University.

Lecture in Physiotherapy Clinic HORIZON

At the Horizon physiotherapy clinic in Perth city center a lecture was given to licensed physiotherapists.

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